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Welcome to Worthing Business Circle

So – what makes Worthing Business Circle so special?

Strong business relationships are vital in any community, and if you run a small to medium business in the Worthing area, you’ll know how important it is to make the right contacts to help your business grow. For smart contacts and useful referrals, networking really is the way forward.

We’re relaxed and friendly
We meet in a relaxed, informal environment, with no pressure and no hard sell. Building relationships and trust between members is vital, and over the years we’ve created a network of trusted business contacts we can recommend with confidence.

We have a clear focus
Our aim is to build relationships, build business and build the community.

We’re run by our members – for our members
Our committee meets every fourth week to consider key issues and new plans. We then discuss these with our members, so there’s a chance for everyone to exchange ideas and offer mutual support.